fredag 26. april 2019

Are dinosaurs real?

The dinosaurs are said to be gigantic. The Tyrannosaurus Rex could have a weight of 14000 kg compared to the Elephant of 6000 kg, the largest animal living on land today. In addition it looks like the Tyrannosaurus more or less moved on two feet. Even insects should be massive, a dragonfly with 70 cm wingspan shall have existed.

The heavy weight must have caused large stress on the tissue of the animals. There is a reason why these animals do not exist today, they would simply have been extremely slow and prone to injuries. So how could they exist at that time? The tissue must have been the same so this can not give a weight reduction. The only possibility is that the earth gravity was lower, so they did not weight so much. Compering a Tyrannosaurus Rex and an Elephant the reduction must be the half. This again indicates that the earth was half as massive as today and consequently a little smaller.